Liquid Edge Financial - FAQ

Your Business

Q: What is the Liquid Edge Platform?
A: It is a technology solution that will streamline your accounts payable process by adding efficiency and profits back into your business. Your business will be able to scale without adding additional overhead and costs.

Q: How will it add efficiency to my Business?
A: Our technology will automate the payment process by eliminating the hours spent on printing checks, stuffing envelopes, and stamping and mailing physical checks. Our technology will also automate the checks and balances of your record keeping.

Q: How will it add profits back to my business?
A: Our technology will save on costs to cut your checks every month, which can be anywhere from $11-$15 per check.  The cost for ACH or direct deposits can be between $.45-$.75 per transaction.  WE WILL COVER THAT COST FOR YOU!  Our technology will automate the payment process, which will allow you to scale without having the additional cost of overhead.  Also, by now eliminating the hours spent on cutting checks, your team can now focus on more productive tasks

Q: What other benefits do I get with Liquid Edge?
A: Once integrated, you will be able to offer your service providers the ability to choose when they would like to get paid.  You will be able to offer next business day funding to all of your service providers.  Having the ability to give service providers more control over when they get paid will give you a competitive edge over your competition. 

Q: What will it cost our company to integrate this Technology into our business?
A: There is not cost to your company! 

Service Providers

Q: Does this change how service providers submit invoices for their completed work?
A: No. You will submit your invoices to be paid the same way you always have. Once your work is verified and accepted, you will receive an email from Liquid Edge Financial giving you two payment options to choose from.

Q: What are the payment options available to me?
A: You have the option to get paid in the standard payment terms set up by the company you are working for or to choose Liquid Edge QuickPay and get paid the following business day by ACH direct deposit.

Q: What is the fee for Liquid Edge QuickPay?
A: You will be charged 5% of your invoice total when you choose Liquid Edge QuickPay.

Q: How does this benefit my company?
A: It allows you to get cash immediately for the work you have completed. These funds are immediately available to pay bills, buy supplies, or fund any need you might have.